Trespassers W – L’intégrale (2nd edition), Bad Alchemy #117, January 2023

Trespassers W – L’intégrale (2nd edition), Bad Alchemy #117


‘Cor G et Trespassers : Death by Sophistication’

Trespasser’s W – l’intégrale (RytRut, 2022) is the 590-page, lavishly illustrated update of “l’intégrale 1984 à 2006: 22 ans de chansons” (RytRut, 2007 →BA55), expanded with “One-sided Love Affair ” (2014), “The Stowaway EP” (2016), “Ferrageau” (2020) and “Koala and other metamorphoses” (2021), but more importantly, instead of just their French translations, now with the complete lyrics in the original English, Dutch or German. This makes Cor Gout’s poetic life’s work an open book, in its wonderful tension between sophistication, nostalgia and local patriotism, Hollywood, rock’n’roll and such a pronounced old European melancholy and longing that I have allowed myself to call him an « eccentric German poet ». Maxime Lachaud has similarly fanned out and emphasized Gout’s span in his Preface. For me, the naturalness with which Gout practiced Leslie Fiedler’s ‘Cross the Border – Close the Gap’ and made it. explicit with “Leaping the chasm” is a constant source of joy and a Collateral Campaign that makes him look like a blood brother to me. The abundance of personal – as the boy – , political, pop and high culture allusions sparkles like a disco ball over the dance floor of memory and imagination. As, by Saint Umberto, sparking list full of tensions: “La Strada” – “Paradise Lost”, Edward Hopper – Elvis Costello, Sartre – Sugar Ray Robinson, Shakespeare – Krazy Kat, De Sade – Monsieur Verdoux, Pre-Raphaelite – Pointillists, No New York Neverland, Barnett Newman Shocking Blue, Garcia Lorca Little Richard, George Hendrik Breitner Jacques Brel, Jean Cocteau – Captain Nemo, Malraux – Samantha Fox, Don Quichotte Domela Nieuwenhuis, Potemkin – Ceaușescu, Marlene Dietrich Ferdinand Vaněk , The Plastic People Of The Universe Eisenstein, Kafka Rock Hudson, Count Dracula Lady Godiva, Doris Day Mao, Van Gogh Sex Pistols, T Rex Cleopatra, Circe Chuck Berry, Agatha Christie Mata Hari, Leni Riefenstahl U2, Dostoyevsky – Eliza Doolittle, Schopenhauer – Georgi Dimitroff, Munch – Carmen Miranda, ETA Hoffmann Gene Vincent, Abe Lenstra Dr. Watson, « Les Liaisons Dangereuses » Penthesilea, Goethe Leda, Lyotard Artemesia Gentileschi, Saint-Exupéry The Rolling Stones, Houdini Lewis Carroll, Mahler Icarus, Samuel Beckett Syd Barrett, Sukarno Slauerhoff, « Die Mörder sind Unter uns” – Tenerife, March 27, 1977, Paul Gascoigne – Tamara de Lempicka, Velvet Underground – Josephine Baker, Asta Nielsen – Comedian Harmonists, Coco Chanel – Igor Stravinsky, Dumbo – Der Leiermann’, Mark Gertler – Everly Brothers, Charly Brown ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’, Betty Boop Hercule Poirot, Coleman Hawkins Jacques Prevert, Napoleon Honor Blackman, Mr. Steed Tinker Bell, Rudyard Kipling A.A. Milne… In Gout’s river of words, thematically without banks, but skimmed off in laconic nonchalance in the form of songs, rhyming and non-rhyming, ‘our’ entire epoch is immersed. From the revolutionary and Biedermeier-like inflow via the Cold War to the post-colonial and post-modern hangovers. The uncynically enlightened, the allusively playful, the one-sided love affairs, the space he creates for thoughts and feelings, they all made the question ‘Aimez-vous Trespassers W?’, for me always rhetorical. Not Yves Montand, not Anthony Perkins, certainly not Brahms Cor Gout is my man.

Rigo Dittmann, Bad Alchemy #117, January 2023