Cor Gout: vocals, collection box
Ronnie Krepel: banjo, guitar, keyboards, tambourine, jacket shuffle, backing vocals
Hayo den Boeft: bass, vocals, jacket shuffle
Cor Hoogerdijk: guitar, drums, vocals
Bas den Boer: vacuum cleaner, big bass drum, jacket shuffle, tambourine, crickets, vocals

Arranged and rehearsed for the Poetry Covers Evening at The Bordelaise, The Hague, the first of July, 1999, organised by Harry Zevenbergen.

Recorded and mixed by Camille Dings (Via Ritmo), July, August 1999.
Recorded for Ralf E. Fried, cover collector.

Artworks cover and labels:
de-sign Cor Gout, elaborated by Brain Bridge
photos cover: Ada Fesevur
photo label Paul-side: Ronnie Krepel
Drawing label Rouge-side: Claude Nougaro.


Reviews in English: 2___________________________________________________________________________

TESTCARD #12, summer 2003:

Sex and the End of it (CD)
Cover Collection (10″)
(Translated from Dutch to English)

[Fist part about Sex and the End of it CD]. « Who likes to have things easily consumable will find on Cover Collection a bouquet of self-willed cover versions, which are at their most beautiful when the original is hardly recognizable, like in Blitzkrieg Bop, performed as an almost hippie-like folk-hymn. From Abba via Syd Barrett to the TV Personalities Trespassers W made a choice which lacks any logic and which, once more, corresponds with the sudden moves that Alan Jenkins tends to make: everything can be connected with anything else, you just have to do it. »

TROUW (daily newspaper/national), 11/10/2001

(Translated from Dutch to English)

With periodical regularity a cover-boom comes into being and bites the pop-world in its tail for a while. Today ‘Eternal Flame’ (Atomic Kitten), ‘Lady Marmelade’ (Aguilera) and ‘My Generation’ (Di-rect) dominate the top 100 as old hits in new jackets. Even albums completey filled with covers are doing well, judging by ‘Strange Little Girls’ (Tori Amos) and ‘Neon Lights’ (Simple Minds). Until the early sixties it wasn’t any different. Only after The Beatles exchanged Buddy Holly and Little Richard covers for their own compositions ‘do it yourself’ became standard. Trespassers W walks over the opposite direction. After 15 years of working at an oeuvre which is completely their own, the Hague band surprises us with the ‘Cover Collection’. This 10″-record is the refelection of a series of songs, specially arranged for a poetry-cover-evening in 1999. Instead of offering an incoherent bundle of borrowed plumes, Trespassers W moulds the originals in such a manner to its will, that completely new songs come into being and with an excess. The punky ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ from The Ramones melts into their hands into an ironic little tune in which a jauntily plunking banjo predominates. Abba’s ‘The Day Before You Came’ gets transformed from europop-cliché onto a chilling song in which the text is the most important element. Also in its erudite choice of songs by Claude Nougaro, Syd Barrett and Magazine, Trespassers W proves to be a rara avis. Just because of this record you will go and get the record player from the attic one more time.