MACHT KAPUTT e.p. (7″)

MACHT KAPUTT e.p. (7″)


Lukas Simonis: guitar, backing vocals
Peter Bos: drums, backing vocals
Cor Gout: vocals, tapes & effects
Ronnie Krepel: bass, recorder, drilling machine, extra keyboards
Frank van der Bos: keyboards, melodica, backing vocals

Recording and Mixing by Dolf at ADM’s Koeinverhuur.


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BIG SPAZZ catalogue, USA, 1991:

TRESPASSERS W « Macht Kaputt » EP (ADM-Netherlands)

A great introduction EP to (and only 7″ by) this extraordinary Dutch band whose warped progressive whatever rock is comparable only to say, King Crimson or Pere Ubu. Not that TW sound anything like them, though, they are wholly in their own little universe. And the way Cor Gout can change his voice from innocent warbler to Nazi commandant verges on the frightening. They cover Kurt Weill, they sing about Rock Hudson. One of the great bands.

BENT IS DEAD #37, Winter 1990-1991


TW fall in the category of progressive Europeans, being possessed of awesome skills as musicians and songwriters, and the ability to run in umpteen directions at once. On first listen, one pal asked, « Where did you pet such a weird compilation? » Courageous listeners will be happy to be confused, too, for where your average art rock paints baroque tapestries under your head, TW aim to shake a few fillings loose. Shitting gears as quickly as they do, it’s hard to point a main influence, buy you’ll catch snatches of early XTC, THE FALL, KING CRIMSON, ZAPPA, BELA BARTOK, THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS, and the KINGS buried in the jumbalaya. Heavily accented lyrics are sung/spoken, sometimes approaching political commentary but always avoiding Biafran preachiness. Real impressive – best new band I’ve heard all year. (Javastraat 27a, 2585 AC, Den Haag, Netherlands.