Lukas Simonis: guitar, backing vocals
Ronnie Krepel: bass, guitar, accordion, cello, optigan, effects
Frank van der Bos: keyboards, melodica, whisle, backing vocals
Perter Bos: drums
Cor Gout: vocals
Ferrie (De Kift): valve trombone
Frans Friederich (Dull Schicksal): euphotium, trumpet
Hylke Tromp: tapes

Production, engineering: Dolf (Morzelplonk, ADM, Koeinverhuur, Planteijdt).

Artwork sleeve, labels and booklet: Sébastien Morlighem.


Reviews in English: 2___________________________________________________________________________

NEWLETTER, LP 1009 / ADM 18975, The Hague, Summer 1991:


On the 1st September 1991 Trespassers W will release their new album, entitled ‘Roots and Locations’. The record comes in a gatefold sleeve, designed by French artist Sébastien Morlighem , who also produced the booklet which accompanies the record. ‘Roots and Locations’ is a concept album about the city of The Hague in the fifties, set around the story of a father and his son. It features images about social and political situations, which give an insight into present circumstances. The story of ‘Roots and Locations » can be understood on various levels. [Here, line-up]. If you are interested in this latest Trespassers W record, please let us know as soon as you can, then we can send you a review copy. This Trespassers W-production is too expensive to send a review copy. I hope you can respect our point of view.

SECOND AVENUE #4, England, August 1994:


Here is a rather excellent piece of vinyl from Cor Gout and friends. This was released before the excellent 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…0 and it is quite a different kettle of fish. It seems rather irrelevant to try and talk about separate tracks as this is a total work. Centring around a community in The Hague, Holland, and focusing on The Scala Music Hall, you get some extremely descriptive and interesting lyrics concerning the inhabitants and the general area. Cor Gout’s lyrics are probably at their best here in comparison to other material I’ve heard. The standard is always high.
Stories of THE WHITE RUSSIANS, THE CHINESE CANDYMAN, THE SCALA, THE MAN, THE BOY, THE PARK, THE ROOM, THE CITY, THE NEIGHBOR, as well as others. They’re all here. The music is almost indescribable. There’s brass, orchestra, general sound effects, from clatter in the restaurant to the destruction of the Music Hall. Guitars swing, pianos roll and drums rock.
The music has so many twists and turns, redefining your views on how to appreciate it! Sometimes it’s jazz, other times it’s « Home », around the time of « The Alchemist ». Sometimes jagged XTC style chords crop up, to be extinguished by another strange time and style change that you would never believe would work. There’s discordant guitar that sounds perfect. Often the melodies become more focused, turning your attention onto to the lyrics. These com printed with the album and a great read they are. Allowing you more access to the whole package but never spoiling the mystery and nostalgia that is, ROOTS & LOCATIONS. Venus De Milo with the expression of the Mona Lisa? You be the judge! Recommended 9- Cost for this album is £8 from the address below. You can also get other info on they’re many releases from 1975 onwards. Cor Gout, 27a Javastraat, 2585 AC The Hague, The Netherlands.